Who We Are

Introducing Adams Place

We are a non-profit creative community
dedicated to changing lives through
inspirational mental health education.

Engaging through art

Engaging through art

We educate, equip and empower
individuals and families
facing the challenges of mental illness.

Our message is relateable

Our message is relateable

Our message is creative, relevant & relateable.
You will learn  what mental illness is,
how it impacts us,
and what we can do about it.

Our message is based on real life not theory

Our message is practical, realistic and effective.
We equip you to manage mental illness through
treatment, coping skills, community and lifestyle.


Our message is a change of view

Our message empowers you
by transforming your
perceptions about mental illness.

Living well with mental illness

Our message celebrates life as an adventure

Our message is positive.
For although there is no cure,
you can live well with mental illness.
We know it’s true because we do.