11 Great Quotes About Being Yourself

Celebrate Being Different:
You Are One of a Kind

Follow your inner moonlight,
don’t hide your madness.
-Allen Ginsberg

Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe


The child is in me still…
and sometimes
not so still!
-Mr. Rogers

Tea Party


Find out who you are
and do it on purpose!
-Dolly Parton



Wanting to be someone else
is a waste of who you are.
-Kurt Cobain



So you’re a little weird? Work It!
A little different? OWN it!
Better to be a nerd
than one of a herd.
-Mandy Hale

Working Weird


Who you are will show in what you do.
-Thomas Edison

dam skater


Is not life a hundred times too short
to stifle ourselves?
-Fredrich Nietzsche

old lady with guitar


Don’t chase people.  Be yourself.
The right people,
the ones who really belong in your life,
will come to you and stay.
-Will Smith

girlfriends young


Where’s your will to be weird?
-Jim Morrison

Where's Your Weird?


Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be
absolutely ridiculous
than absolutely boring
-Marilyn Monroe

girlfriends old


To him whose elastic and vigorous mind
keeps pace with the sun,
the day is perpetual morning.
-Henry David Thoreau


Touched with Fire, Paul Dalio, and the Huffington Post

I like the concept behind the title “Touched with Fire,” and I like Paul Dalio. I did not like this Huffington Post video, and I’ll tell you why.


When Mental Health First Aid Colorado needed a mural for their new office, they asked us to work some of our crazy cool Adams Place magic.